With the Broncos playing Sunday night, we thought it would be the perfect time to share a post from Chef Maggie.

Hey All,

With football watching and tailgating season taking hold of most of us, I always begin to dread the mindless afternoon game-time snacking. This week’s earthy and colorful dish is really a crunchy and satisfying salad but can be scooped with a chip, so none will be the wiser to you sneaking in yummy veggies right next to the chili cheese fries on the game-day buffet.

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1 can                    Sweetcorn

1 can                    Black eyed peas, drained and rinsed in a colander with cold water

1                            Chayote squash, cut into cubes roughly the size of the corn kernels (Chayote is a Mexican squash that most grocers carry and has a fabulous crunch and citrusy taste.)

8                            Mini sweet peppers, red and orange, cut into small cubes the size of corn kernels

½c.                        Cilantro leaves, chopped

To taste               Salt and pepper

2 T.                       Seasoned rice vinegar

2 T.                       Olive oil

1 T.                       Lemon juice

Mix everything together in a large bowl, serve with tortilla chips!


Go Broncos!