Out With The Old

When clients in our neighborhood wanted to update their 10-year-old master bath, we knew exactly what needed to happen.....everything had to go! We started fresh with Karndean commercial-grade vinyl plank flooring, new lighting including a chandelier from Lumens, free-standing vanities, marble counters, and a tub and free standing faucet from Signature [...]

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A Nutty Spin On Nachos

Guest Post by Maggie O'Toole- The Simplicity of Complex Flavors Creating complex flavors fast with wholesome ingredients is what I revel in. Lately, I have fallen for the amazing versatility of cashews to make deep, creamy, protein packed sauces. Don’t get me wrong, cheeses are still King; ripe, fermented and rich. But, since I [...]

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Durango Or Bust

Over the kids' Fall Break we decided to visit some friends in the Durango, Colorado.  Durango is not around the corner from Denver, it is a 6 hours drive with clear roads. But the views are stunning and worth the effort. This other little lady was also adopted from China. Our two families [...]

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The Tiny House With A Big Heart

We recently saw a FB post from Matt Thorne, a college friend of Kyndra's.  Matt is a hubby, a dad of 3, and son of a soon to be retired mom that lives in Portland, OR. He recently built his mom a Tiny House so she could be closer to the family. [...]

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Holiday Breakfast Done Right!

Guest Post by Maggie O'Toole- My stress never comes from cooking a Thanksgiving dinner. There is a certain cadence to it, family and friends pitching in, everyone working towards a unified goal. However, the opposite holds true when it comes to Thanksgiving breakfast and all those loved ones under one roof, waking at different [...]

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Is That Tesla On The Roof?

Kyndra was at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference this summer and ended up chatting with a Tesla Solar Technologies Rep about how they are getting into the roofing tile business. Tesla prides themselves on the fact that their Solar Roof complements your home’s architecture while turning sunlight into electricity. [...]

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Overdue for a Redo

A while back we took on the task of remodeling our own kitchen. It was the last major space needing to be done. We considered upgrading the cabinetry, but decided to use that money for new appliances. So we chose to have them painted instead. The key to a successful cabinetry [...]

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Game Time Snacking!

With the Broncos playing Sunday night, we thought it would be the perfect time to share a post from Chef Maggie. Hey All, With football watching and tailgating season taking hold of most of us, I always begin to dread the mindless afternoon game-time snacking. This week’s earthy and colorful dish is really a [...]

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48 Hours In North Carolina

Last weekend we left the kids with the GPs and headed to North Carolina for the wedding of one of Kyn's dearest friends.  We arrived in Raleigh late afternoon on Friday and had a reservation at Buku Global Street Food, a cool place with Asian fusion fare; it was tasty! [...]

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Turn Up The Basement

In our neighborhood, most of the new build homes were sold with unfinished basements. As families have grown, these spaces have become more desirable for extra bedrooms and hangout space. Kyndra designed the main builtin to be both pretty and functional. The stamped mesh panels look beautiful with the added function giving the A/V equipment adequate [...]

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