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Kyndra Georgeson Interiors


KGI offers full-service, residential and boutique,
commercial interior design based in Denver, Colorado.
We aim to provide high-end, tailored interior design that transforms your space to reflect your individual style.


Are you paralyzed when choosing paint colors? Is your home a collection of mismatched pieces that don’t work together? Our Color & Style Consult is a great option for selecting the colors that compliment your current decor or narrowing down the styles you love, into a perfect fit for you. Here’s how it works:

  • You fill out our questionnaire
  • KGI comes to your home in the metro Denver area for an onsite Color or Style Consultation
  • We create a unique palette with specific paint colors/brands or a customized presentation that outlines your personal style and the types of products/brands you should purchase for your home
This service is not a full-service, interior design plan. The Color & Style Consult is a starting point for those clients who want to DIY. Specific products and prices are not included, but can be added with the KGI Shop & Style service. KGI can schedule your paint crew and job for an additional fee.
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Georgeson Style Color and Style Consult
Georgeson Style Shop and Style


Don’t have the time to shop for and implement decor in your home? Have time, but aren’t confident in deciding on purchases? Or, perhaps you don’t need a full remodel, but need help decorating your home, room by room. Our custom Shop & Style services are a moderate budget option that still result in a beautifully designed space. Here’s how it works:

  • You fill out our questionnaire.
  • KGI comes to your home in the metro Denver area for an
    onsite consultation
  • We’ll gather measurements, budget, and style preference to create a custom Shop List just for you
  • A comprehensive shopping list with brands, stores, pieces and prices will be provided to you for your next excursion or…
  • KGI will purchase your decor upon approval and schedule a time
    to put everything into place
This service is not a full-service, interior design plan. The KGI Shop & Style is a curated list of products that will furnish and decorate your space based on your unique budget and style. Implementation and purchase of decor by KGI may be added upon request.
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Decorating room by room and handy with a tape measure? Willing to shop yourself and install your own curtain rods? Whether you are in Denver or LA, KGI now offers E-Design that provides the same quality interior design at a fraction of the cost. Our custom Online Interior Design service is a moderate budget decor option that still results in a beautifully designed space. Here’s how it works:

  • Visit our E-Design page
  • Fill out our questionnaire and/or purchase your E-Design
  • KGI will contact you directly to send photos of your space via email
  • A conference call or Facetime/Skype will be scheduled to discuss your project
  • Once your style and needs are agreed upon, up to 2 product concept boards will be created for your space, including specific products
    and design elements in PDF form
  • Up to 2 revisions are included in your chosen concept
  • Finally, a customized design document will be sent to you with final product choices, links to shop, and exact placement of products within your space!
Georgeson Style E-design

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